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Rosin Pre-Press Mold

2"x4"Rosin Pre-Press Mold

LTQ Vapor 2" x 4" Rosin Pre-Press Mold are fully magnetized for ease of use. Compacted material helps increase your yields and reduces filter bag blowouts during solvent-less concentrate oil extraction process.
?Made with scratch resistant hard anodized 100% 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum.
?Can be used with hand pressure, an Arbor Press or in any of rosin presses.
?Engineered to withstand daily use for years and each component disassembles for easy cleaning.
2" x 4" Mold Specifications
- Internal Dimensions: 1.62" wide x 4.00" long x 0.94" tall
- External Dimensions: 2.40" wide x 4.80" long x 1.57" tall