CBD cartridges and pods

Create Time:2019-03-21    Source: Shenzhen LTQ VAPOR Electronics Co.,Ltd

CBD cartridges and pods provide both a convenient and practical to vape cannabidiol. They require little maintenance since they are disposable. They’re also relatively inexpensive compared to refillable CBD vape pens.

Originally, CBD cartridges utilized older technology developed for e-cigarettes, however recently they have been getting with the times. The newest cartridges feature CCELL coil tech and cotton wicking, for example. Many of them can actually be easily opened, refilled and used a few times before having to dispose of them.

These CBD pods, on the other hand, require the usage of a  battery (the device itself). Instead of nicotine like in  pods, these pods contain CBD, allowing you to vape it using your  battery.

The pods use the same wicking material as many of the oil cartridges called silica. 

They contain pre-filled with CBD liquid
Both utilize internal coils
Both are convenient for vaping CBD
Both batteries are easy to find
Small and pocketable

CBD cartridges vs. CBD pods

CBD Pods
Quicker and easier to swap out
Require a JUUL device and charger
Take up less pocket space
Pods are not as easy to open
JUUL has battery life indication

CBD Cartridges
Cartridges can be also used on variable wattage batteries
Cartridges utilize both draw-activated and manual batteries
Some cartridges feature cotton wicking and a ceramic coil
Cartridges work with most 510-compatible vape pens
Some oil pens do not have battery life indication